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Residential Property Inspections


Prices vary depending on the size of the property and complexity of the structure, however as a guideline prices start from $399 (incl GST) for a full inspection and written report.   In general, you should allow approximately an hour for the inspection, however more time may be required based on house size and complexity.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote with the following information: property address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of levels, whether the inspection is to include any detached garages/outhouses/sleep-outs; and approx. m2 house size and cladding type if known.   

TRAVEL: we do not add travel charges for jobs within the Bay of Plenty region

Inspection and Full Written Report (up to 220m2 house)

Price Guideline (incl GST)

1-2 bedrooms/1 bathroom/1 kitchen


3-4 bedrooms/1 bathroom/1 kitchen


3-4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms/1 kitchen


5 plus bedrooms, over 220m2, extra bathrooms or kitchens


Freestanding garage, sleep-out (without bathroom or kitchen) - please specify upon booking if you want any detached buildings included

add $50 per structure

Site visit for maintenance advice or specific inspection

From $100

If the house is a fully monolithic-clad dwelling, particularly pre-2005, they undergo more rigorous inspection and checks to ensure there are no areas of concern.  A monolithic-clad home is one which has the likes of texture-coated boards, stucco, or EIFS (plaster over polystyrene).  These types of cladding have been notorious for leaking, but a change in regulations in 2004 saw a change in the way this type of cladding was constructed and attached to the building which has helped.  Having a monolithic-clad home though, does not automatically mean it is a 'leaky home', and getting a quality building report done will help you to feel confident your home is leak-free and structurally sound.

Monolithic 1

Monolithic 2

Monolithic 3

Monolithic 4

Monolithic 5

Monolithic 6

Monolithic 7

Optional Extras:

Council Property Files (require three working days' notice)

From $47.24 (based on TCC)

Council LIM Report (requires 10 working days' notice)

From $255 (based on TCC)

Meth Testing (undertaken by third-party professionals)

From $280 + GST (based on 10 rooms - standard 3 bed house and garage)

Asbestos Testing (undertaken by third-party professionals)

From $115 + GST per sample


We carry full insurances to give you confidence that you have coverage, should anything go wrong. We hold current Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Statutory insurances with Lloyds of London, C/- Integro Insurance Brokers, 71 Fenchurch Street, London EC3A 4BS, England. A copy of our Certificate of Currency is available upon request.