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We undertake building inspections across Tauranga and the greater Bay of Plenty area.  Our range of services aims to give you the confidence to buy, sell, or maintain a quality property. Getting an independent building inspection, which is accompanied by a comprehensive written report, will ensure you fully understand any serious defects or issues with your property or the one you intend to purchase, saving you money and unwanted surprises in the future.

Our reports are independent and unbiased.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a home or rental property is a huge financial commitment and you want to make sure that what you're buying is sound and fit for purpose. With house prices now so high in comparison to income we often use all of our funds just to purchase the property, so have little or no money left over for costly unexpected repairs.

Getting a building inspection report on the property will uncover any existing issues with the property, and give you the confidence to decide if the property is right for you. Knowing the condition of a property allows you to make an appropriately informed offer, or budget for repairs later.  You can buy with confidence.

Pre-Sale Inspections

When  selling your property, you always want to make sure you can get the best price, and that no unexpected building defects arise which may significantly reduce your selling price or scare potential buyers away. 

Getting a building inspection report on your property before putting it on the market will give you all the facts you need to price your property accordingly, or to make repairs prior to sale to ensure you get the best price - with no surprises! You can sell with confidence.

Maintenance Inspections

Often forgotten, Maintaining your home to keep it weather-proof and structurally sound not only helps it keep its value, but also ensures a healthy living environment.  Any damp or moisture ingress from small leaks in roofing, cladding, or wet areas in your home can cause timber rot and black mold - which can have serious impacts on your health.  

Having a building inspection done every few years will help identify any problem areas so they can be repaired and remedied, before they turn into costly and dangerous hazards.

Moisture Testing

Each inspection undertaken includes moisture testing in key areas where leaks often occur, and specific areas of concern. Moisture testing is undertaken using a Trotec T660 non-invasive moisture meter. This is a hand-held measuring instrument which uses a di-electric scanning method for non-destructive determination of moisture distributions in near-surface areas up to 40mm.  

What does a building inspection report cover?

A building inspection will report on the general condition of:

  • Site - drainage, retaining walls, fencing, footpaths, patios, and driveways
  • Sub-floor - foundations, under floor timbers, plumbing, wiring, and insulation
  • Exterior - cladding, decks/balconies, windows, and doors
  • Roof exterior - roof, gutters and down-pipes, roof accessories, and chimneys
  • Interior - ceiling space and insulation, flooring, interior walls, ceilings, kitchens, and wet areas - this includes materials suspected of containing asbestos
  • Services - utilities, electrical, water, and gas
  • Ancillary spaces as identified, i.e. separate garages, sleep-outs etc

The purpose of a Property Inspection Report is to identify significant defects which are visible and reasonably accessible at the time of inspection. Inspections are non-invasive (meaning the structure will not be damaged or tampered with to provide results) and based on visual inspection by professionals, and using specialised moisture measuring equipment. 

24-hour Report Turnaround

After undertaking a full inspection of the property, you will receive a comprehensive written report written in adherence to the New Zealand Standard NZS4306:2005 Residential Property Inspection. It will outline general condition, any areas of concern including photos, and advice for repair or maintenance. The turn-around time on receiving your report is 24-hours via email.

We are fully insured, holding current professional indemnity, public liability, and statutory liability insurances.

Prices start from just $399 incl. GST for a full inspection and comprehensive written report.

Please contact us today for more information, or a free no-obligation quote.

Meth (‘P’) Testing

There has been a lot of attention in the media lately about houses which were deemed uninhabitable based on meth test results, a lot of which turned out to be based on un-trained or poorly trained samplers. People taking samples were using sub-standard on-site testing kits, sampling incorrectly, and in some cases reusing sample kits to save money.

Using a specialist in this field, working in accordance with NZS8510:2017, they will take a sample from every room in the property using NIOSH sampling techniques and accredited lab testing kits. Samples are then sent to an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis. You’ll then receive a comprehensive report of the findings and recommendations, and have access to expert advice.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos was a common building material in New Zealand up until the mid-1980s. It was commonly used as a fire retardant and insulation, which is why it is found in loose-fill insulation, around gas/electric heaters or hot-water cylinders, fuse boxes, lagging around pipes, cladding, vinyl floor coverings, and ceilings.

While the material is in good condition, it can be left alone – however if it becomes airborne through damage, age, or you intend on undertaking renovations, it is extremely dangerous. As such, if you have asbestos in your home which is in good condition, you don’t need to do anything with it. If anything damages it, or you are renovating however, it must be removed and disposed of by professional asbestos removers.

You cannot 100% confirm if something is or isn’t asbestos through visual inspection alone. During our inspections we take into account the age of the property and the physical characteristics of the construction materials in your home and if they meet the common criteria of asbestos, we will bring this to your attention in our report. Asbestos can then only be confirmed through destructive testing.

This is where the specialists come in – if asbestos is suspected, they will remove samples of the materials thought to contain asbestos from your property, securely bagged, and send them off to the lab for testing. You’ll then receive a comprehensive report on the results, and have access to expert advice throughout the process.


Meth and asbestos testing are not our core business or area of expertise – as such, we believe it to be in your best interest to have specialists undertake the work who will ensure integrity and unbiased testing. By using an expert, if the testing results are positive, you are in the best hands to help you with how to proceed with clean-up or removal if necessary.


We are happy to arrange these tests in conjunction with your building inspection.